We need some more conversation going in the comments. On that note, nothing of substance to say, just that you two are great and make me laugh!

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I love the way you guys talked about diets and body stuff! I'm only figuring out how to eat well (I'm 46) and it's hard work.

I'm so inviting myself to Shabbat someday!

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Since the day the Israelites bitched about being hungry in the desert and יהוה threw bread at them we’ve been afflicted with carb addiction. We traded one slavery for another. That is the real meaning of Exodus.

Chaya Leah, I’m the one secular Jew in Brooklyn who stays on top of news about violence in the orthodox neighborhoods. I’m spreading the word.

I’m all about Shabbat-lite these days 🤘🏼

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Interesting article re:hot Jewish girl influencers...it’s really long (like really goes on and on and on meandering forever) but curious what you think. https://jezebel.com/hot-jewish-girl-antisemitism-1850144584

Of course they trip over themselves to talk about whiteness (including Ashkenormativity?!) and to mention disproportionate casualties suffered by Palestinians, but I was maybe pleasantly surprised to see coverage of “unprecedented levels of antisemitic violence” appearing in Jezebel.

Really enjoyed this line: “I’m trying to make the world less antisemitic by seducing all antisemites and goyim and changing their minds, and it’s easier to get someone to listen when I talk about Jewish history if my tits are out.” Preach! As well as what was quoted from Neal Gabler on Barbara Streisand. Barbara forever!! Plus, I learned something new (god had a wife?!)!

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And ... Yair Rosenberg is on it! He always puts things so well

The Invisible Victims of American Anti-Semitism https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2023/02/anti-semitism-media-coverage-political-partisanship/673184/

And while I'm here, this NYT article about Talmudic zoning in Brooklyn made me smile https://www.nytimes.com/2023/02/16/nyregion/brooklyn-observant-jews.html

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In some ways I really admire Joe Rogan and how he’ll platform anyone being censored and he’s done a lot for free speech and paving the way to the podcast new media style of dialogue and open conversations. But in other ways he’s definitely kind of an idiot. I have appreciated his skepticism and contrarianism, but sometimes he does veer too much into conspiracy theories.

Also I really need to learn a bit more about this new weight loss drug and listen to that Bari episode. I’m super super skeptical about anything being considered a miracle drug and quick pharma fixes. The first thing that I thought of when you two were speaking was cynically “in 10 years the FDA will start issuing warnings that this drug causes cancer or makes you infertile or something 🤷🏻‍♀️ oops” in typical big pharma fashion.

Even if it is the perfect drug, I think excess of quick fixes sometimes isn’t necessarily in our best interest, psychologically. Like it makes us dumber, weaker, less disciplined. Less problem solving the real reasons why problems like obesity exist in the first place, bc it’s not like humans had this issue before recent history. Chaya Leah explained it better than me! But yeah, I just don’t trust big pharma. Sometimes medicine is life saving and necessary, I’m not anti medicine, but I think if there are other solutions to fix your problems then those should be at least tried first before resorting to drugs (ie. Things like obesity or cough cough gender dysphoria cough cough).

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Feb 22·edited Feb 22

What Joe Rogan said was unequivocally stupid. What he should have said after that comment was: You know who also likes money? Midgets. And, Albinos. And, of course NOBODY loves money more than the Portuguese.

Rather, he added some silly puff comment about Italians and Pizza.

Does this one dumb comment make him anti-Semitic? Of course not. Would I appreciate if he would have clarified his comment. Yes.

What this proves more than anything is if someone is opening their pie hole for several hours a day on a range of topics - many of which they probably know very little about - than a lot of stupidity will spew out.

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Yes Joe Rogan "luvs" the Jews, but not so much the Israeli ones. That's why his foreign policy gurus are Roger Waters, Abby Martin of RT and other Bernie bro Israel haters

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