Calling it the “Old Testament” connotes it’s been usurped. IMHO, Jews should not call it that. It’s the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible. And, seriously, CL, Christianity is the OG cultural appropriation.

Shadi and Damir!!! That would be such a great episode! And Balki Bartokomous was one of my first crushes!

Ohmygod!!! RACE TO DINNER?!?! I am screaming right now! Who hires these people?!?! You should’ve thrown the bacon at them. I’m convinced CRT is bad for the Jews. I could go on about my reasons but I have a feeling those of us here who agree already know why. I can’t remember if I’ve shared this guy’s Substack yet but he’s pretty poignant https://open.substack.com/pub/magenyehudi/p/a-change-of-course-for-the-holocaust

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Oh my g-d, you guys are getting even funnier. :)

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You see, conversations like this are why I'm part of the Ask-a-Jew Gentile Community! I'm glad you're able to speak freely about it. My background is Evangelical Christian (like Baptist) to Episcopalian (more mainline, liberal) to COVID non-church going bum. But my kid goes to a Catholic school! Anyway, I didn't know the correct term (Hebrew Bible) until I started reading Robert Alter's translation. Have you read any of it? What do you guys think of it, BTW? I really love reading it in contrast to the stories/translations I grew up reading in various Protestant traditions.

If you can believe it, Protestants and Catholics believe they have better Bibles than one another, and even within Protestantism, people will favor one paraphrase over another. Yikes!!!

And Yael, thank you so much for valuing me more. I'm not sure that it makes any sense intersectionally (is being a minority goy within a Substack community a thing?) but I'll take it! I feel seen. And you'd better believe I'll be there for Shabbas dinner.

PS- CL, I have no idea why Christians do Sunday instead of Saturday. I may have asked my parents that question at one point. They surely didn't know ;)

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I guess you have never read Taibbi on Israel. He's even worse than other so called "free speech hero" Glenn greenwald on Israel. Those guys arent my friends. Wonder if there is something updated with Twitter,...when I click Yael's link on twitter, the next 5 suggested posts are all from BDS Israel, Israel apartheid types. I hope with continued financial losses he just closes the site.

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